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Just Another Day.

Just Another Day | MamaLlamaLife.com

There are three loads of laundry that need to be folded. Then there’s the other load that managed to get folded, but still needs to makes its journey home. The drier buzzes. [Make that four.] The floor needs swept, vacuumed, and mopped. The little dog and husband’s hairs (more so his than hers… #hairymenaresexy) have accumulated in the creases and corners of the bathroom. Thebed’s quilts lay rumpled and sad because they were neglected once again… sniffle, sniffle

Just another day.

You look at the fridge and try to figure out what to make for dinner. You’ve been meaning to put together a meal plan, but just haven’t gotten around to it. You throw random things together in the instant pot nightly… *tada* dinner. What’s for dinner tonight: chicken or…. chicken? Buzz — again, Mr. Dryer? It seems to blare, “Hello, sleepy mama. Just this way; another load awaits you.”

Just another day.

And what do we have? … A fussy babe who wants to be held. The frustration builds. The spiral of mama shame pulls you in.

Baby boy is going to need to just fuss because this house needs some TLC.
That’s when he falls asleep on your chest. You feel his small breath rise and fall. The sweet suckling on his pacifier alternate with little squeaky snores.

Just another day.

It is just another day that he grows up in front of your eyes. He will never be this small again. He will only get bigger. The tiny clothes that used to hang on his little floppy bod are now being packed away into tubs. Just another day that passes, and so do each of these new sweet smiles. As the weeks pass, so will his desire to snuggle and cuddle and be held… or so everybody warns you. You look at him now and you feel a tug on your heartstrings because you remember back to when he fit in one arm. Now his squishy tummy stretches across your own and will soon be too big to cradle in the chair. He kicks his little legs and they bump the armrest, just as they once kicked at your bladder and ribs. The lump in your throat rises.

Just another day.

Psalm 144:3-4 says,

“LORD, what are human beings that you care for them, mere mortals that you think of them? They are like a breath; their days are like a fleeting shadow.”

God loves us enough to care for us in this same way. He looks and smiles on our swiftly moving days. We look at these days and forget that they are momentary. A quick shadow as a small cloud passes by the sun; as the short days stretch into long nights. These days are the sweetest shadow. The sun is shining warm over the memories of the fussing baby, the messy floor, the dirty dishes. The sun is going down and the shadow is elongating and stretching the kisses and cuddles, the yawns and smiles, & the screeches and snores. Because just like that, it will be another day. The days you have with him go by so quickly and the hours are too short.

They are  f l  e   e    t     i      n       g        .         .          .

The laundry will pile up. The dishes will remain in the sink. But this tiny human will not stay tiny. He is growing day by day. All of the chores; the things on that never-ending, never-completed to-do list, will last for another day. This moment with him will not.

So you should breathe a little deeper, blink a little slower… just to make this day, not just another day.


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